Posted 8 hours ago

Tuned into the first game of the World Series today, and tried to get some sketches of the players in action.  Turns out these guys move too fast even for digital HD, but I got in some motion studies of a player at bat (Nori Aoki, if it matters), which was a lot more interesting than I’d have thought.  For a pitcher to throw a 90mph+ fastball (or for a batter to swing at one) involves a coordination of movement I would probably neither have noticed nor appreciated if I hadn’t stopped to sketch it. 

Deeply fascinating stuff. 

(Note: 4 and 5 are flipped because of reasons)

Posted 1 day ago

My inktober sketches of the last couple of days have been exercises in faster sketching and in being less precious about my drawings. I’m generally pretty slow.  I like to take my time and consider the drawing, but that can lead to over-analysis and sometimes to smothering and overworking a sketch.  Trying to fix that…

Also: Stitch meeting Ariel is what happens when you can’t decide between a sketch of Ariel and a sketch of Stitch. I think I like the idea to take another crack at it.

Posted 4 days ago

Today’s inktober offering is Wonder Woman kick-vaulting someone so hard he flew off the page. 

Yes….. that is what happened……..

Inked over Canson vellum (which is transparent like tracing paper, but a bit thicker, and with a plastic-y sort of feel to it), which I’ll be honest I didn’t love a whole lot.  It buckles if you use too much ink, and short of spray-gluing it to the page, there’s not really a good way to keep it down. 

Oh well.  Chalk it up to a learning experience…

Posted 4 days ago


Here are some rough inky sketches I did for Inktober!

BUHHHHHHH these are amazing I’m so jelly.

Posted 5 days ago

Inktober for today and yesterday, respectively.  A Generic Monster Thing, and a ballpoint-sketch of a girl playing with building blocks, based on one I saw when I took the nephew to the doctor’s office.

Posted 1 week ago

Today’s inktober offering is a ballpoint sketch of an angel statue on my fireplace mantle.

Posted 1 week ago

Haven’t been feeling well lately (chronic headaches), so I’ve fallen a bit behind in uploading inktober sketches.

Feeling a bit better, so those should be up soon. 

Posted 2 weeks ago

Today’s Inktober offering is the result of listening to Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack too many times in a row, particularly Frollo’s delectable descent into sin, “Hellfire,” which freaks me out now more than it did when I was a kid….

Posted 2 weeks ago

Today’s inktober offering is a forehead-tastic Rory from Gilmore Girls because everyone on that show needs to be drawn at some point.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Final product from this sketch, plus some requested changes.